Our Team

Our education team in July 2017


Fiona McNamara – General Manager

Fiona was born and grew up in Wellington. She began working at Sexual Abuse Prevention Network in 2013, originally as the Coordinator and since 2015 as the inaugural General Manager. In her time at SAPN, Fiona has led the organisation from delivering 7 prevention programmes in 2012, to 70 in 2013 and now to over 120 programmes for more than 2600 participants. She has grown the organisation from one coordinator, with occasional contractor support, to a team of five employees and 12 regular casual educators. To enable this growth, she oversaw the transition of SAPN from a network of three agencies, with WRC acting as fundholder to a standalone charitable trust.

Fiona has co-developed and delivered a wide range of education programmes to professionals and youth, including co-developing ‘Friends, Whānau and Flirting’ for people with intellectual or learning disabilities and the ‘It’s Our Business’ a programme for people working in the hospitality sector, on which she presented at the NGO events at the 59th UN Commission on the Status of Women in 2015. Her role also includes advocacy and providing advice to Government departments, businesses and community organisations.

Fiona is engaged in primary prevention nationally. She is the primary prevention portfolio holder for Tauiwi on the Paetakawaenga (Executive Committee) of TOAH-NNEST and represents the sector to government and other agencies.

Fiona has BA Hons and MA from Victoria University of Wellington, and also studied in Berlin Germany. Before working in the sexual violence sector she worked as a performance maker, with projects covering feminism, gender, sexual violence, social justice and criminal justice and coordinated, directed and tutored young people in various theatre projects and workshops. Fiona remains involved in theatre with the company she co-founded, Binge Culture, and as a trustee of Summer Shakespeare Wellington.


Judy O’Brien – Programme Coordinator

Judy was born and raised in Auckland, and holds a BA in Psychology & Linguistics from the University of Auckland. She moved to Wellington for the first time in 2006 to work with the National Taskforce for Action on Sexual Violence, in the Ministry of Justice. During her time working in government Judy studied the the criminology of sexual violence and the development of social policy for sexual violence prevention in New Zealand, at Victoria University of Wellington.

Judy is the Sexual Abuse Prevention Network’s Programme Coordinator. She joined the organisation in 2017 after living abroad for 6 years. During her time overseas Judy worked  as a sexuality coach, public speaker, performer and performance mentor, producer, and peer support facilitator, as well as working with businesses,  arts  and community organisations as an advocate for and consultant on gender policy and violence prevention initiatives. She is passionate about cultural change and strongly believes in a community responsibility approach to fostering a safe and civil society in New Zealand.