‘It’s Our Business’


Who is it for?

People working in the hospitality industry or other areas where alcohol is consumed.

How long?

Four hours (including a break)

What does it cover?

The focus of this workshop is alcohol-facilitated sexual violence in bar and club environments. It has an emphasis on host responsibility and ethical bystander intervention. Alcohol is a drug commonly used to facilitate sexual violence. People working in environments where people are using alcohol are in an ideal position to play a positive role in sexual violence prevention. However it isn’t always easy to know what to do when you spot a potentially unsafe situation. This workshop helps support staff to identify unsafe situations and know how to take action safely to help keep the venue safe and fun for all patrons.


For more information, or to organise a workshop, please email Judy: judy@sexualabuseprevention.org.nz

‘It’s Our Business’ in the Media

Recently TVNZ’s Re: interviewed Michael about the It’s Our Business programme. Watch the short video below:

Stopping sexual violence in bars“It’s not weird, it’s not funny, it’s aggressive.” – if you saw some questionable behaviour in a bar would you say something to stop it?

Posted by Re: on Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Bryan Crump interviewed Fiona and Michael on his Radio NZ show in September. Listen to the segment here.