whoareyou‘Who Are You?’


Who is it for?

14-25 year olds

How long?

Three hours, either as a three hour session or three one hour sessions

What does it cover?

The focus of this workshop is alcohol facilitated sexual violence amongst young people. The workshop covers sexual violence definitions, the law and consent, what it means to be an ethical bystander and the different ways in which we all can be ethical bystanders. Young people can play an important role in preventing sexual violence in this context by behaving ethically and stepping in when someone may be vulnerable. However, identifying when someone is vulnerable is not always easy and stepping in requires confidence and knowledge of how to do so appropriately.


For more information, please email Judy: judy@sexualabuseprevention.org.nz


Testimonials for ‘Who Are You?’

“I was super excited when I heard this workshop would be running. I think it’s extremely important, possibly the most important aspect of our sexual health unit.”

“I learnt a lot in this workshop about consent and how to diffuse a situation, which I think is important to know.”  

“I really liked learning from the workshop. It really helped me to watch what’s happening. It taught me new things that I didn’t know.”

“It was very educational and definitely a lot less awkward than I thought it would be!”

“Excellent! I’m so happy to have learnt this because it is always essential to know, even if you never get into a dangerous situation.”

“I like how it’s a laid back environment where you can learn stuff and not feel uncomfortable talking about it.”

“I think this workshop has helped a lot with my understanding about consent, sex and different types of relationships.”

“I found it great! The speakers were really cool and nice. I enjoyed this workshop.”

“I think it is so important to talk about this stuff in school […] please make sure all people my age see this.”