sexandethics‘Sex & Ethics’


Who is it for?

Young people aged between 16 and 25.

How long?

A two hour workshop, once a week for six weeks (12 hours total).

What does it cover?

The programme looks at how we make sexual choices – from relationships to casual sex – so we can be sure what we are doing is fun and ethical. It doesn’t tell you what to do – it helps you work out what you want to do, if this is safe for you and the other person, and how to talk about it.

‘Sex & Ethics’ helps young people develop tools to negotiate sexual choices in ways to increase pleasurable, mutual and fun sexual encounters. The programme also teaches skills in how to intervene in unsafe situations, to keep our friends, ourselves and others safe. 84% of people who have finished ‘Sex & Ethics’ say they are using the skills five months later. They are also more confident in that they know what they want from a sexual encounter and are more confident they know what their partner wants.  47% percent have already intervened in an unsafe sexual situation to help others in clubs, bars and parties.

‘Sex & Ethics’ was developed by Associate Professor Moira Carmody of the University of Western Sydney.


For more information, or to organise a workshop, please email Judy:


Testimonials for ‘Sex & Ethics’

“A wonderful opportunity to grow awareness around healthy, empowered life choices.”

“[The facilitators] were awesome. Warm and genuine, caring, made the space feel safe. Brought in a really balanced and whole perspective on sex.”

“A life changing experience, opened my mind a lot.”

“I hope you continue helping others and being AWESOME!”