Media Commentary and Coverage

We regularly provide commentary in the media on topics including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, young people and sexuality and consent.  Some examples are included below.

Keeping the Conversation Going


Changing ‘work hard, play hard’ culture not enough- RNZ 6 July 2018

Consent as a traffic Light- The Wireless 11 October 2017

Police videos could help more people come forward- RNZ 2 May 2017


#MeToo campaign picking up pace- RNZ 17 October 2017


Alcohol, bars and the hospitality industry


NZ bar staff being trained to spot behaviour that leads to sexual assault 30 April 2018

Why did no one speak out about Harvey Weinstein-NZ Herald and cross published at The Wireless 11 October 2017

Nights out and unwanted advances and harassment – NZ Herald  8 July 2017


Stopping sexual violence in bars

"It's not weird, it's not funny, it's aggressive." – if you saw some questionable behaviour in a bar would you say something to stop it?

Posted by Re: on Tuesday, 29 August 2017


How can we prevent sexual assault in the workplace?- Radio Live 12 October 2017

It’s our Business – Radio NZ, 29 September 2017


Youth and Schools


Rape and Social Media- Radio NZ 8 March 2017

Wellington College Sexual Assault Comments    9 March, 2017


Fiona McNamara: Discussions around rape culture needed in schools- News Talk ZB 10 March 2017



Rugby Drinking Culture- Radio NZ  8 September 2017


NZ rugby  CEO “we have not got it right” -Radio NZ    9 September 2016