About us

Sexual Abuse Prevention Network is a charitable trust that works with schools, workplaces and community groups to educate and create open dialogues about sexual harm and healthy relationships. We provide education, professional development training, advice and consultancy services to assist organisations to prevent sexual harassment and other forms of sexual harm and to build positive healthy relationships and cultures.

Sexual Abuse Prevention Network was founded by, and continues to work in close collaboration with, Wellington Rape Crisis, Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation and WellStop.

History of SAPN

SAPN was founded in the early 2000s by three other agencies – Wellington Rape Crisis and Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation, who work with survivors of sexual violence and Wellstop, who works with people who’ve done sexual harm. When those three came together, they started to do some research and education in prevention work, as they wanted to do something to stop all this harm happening in the first place.

A great milestone happened in 2009, when the “Sex & Ethics” program written by Moira Carmody from the University of Western Sydney piloted here in Wellington through what the organization was then called the Wellington Sexual Abuse Network, later on Sexual Abuse Prevention Network. This pilot was the beginning of growing us into what we are, as it still plays a big role in what we are doing now.

When our Chief Executive Officer Fiona started her employment in 2013, she was the sole person doing the prevention work with two contractors working on a casual basis. Our education at the time was also based on the work from Wellington Rape Crisis and WellStop, so there has been some significant development through the years in creating educational programs to prevent sexual harm. We have grown a lot ever since, having 12 permanent employees with more to come.