sexualviolenceawareness‘Sexual Violence Awareness’

Who is it for?

This workshop is designed for adults and can be adapted to suit most audiences.

How long?

Four hours

What does it cover?

Sexual Violence Awareness’ is comprehensive workshop that focuses on the incidence, causes and impacts of sexual violence and how all adults can help to prevent sexual violence before it occurs. This workshop looks at rape culture, sexualisation of women in the media, rape prevention campaigns, rape myths and victim blaming. It covers the law and sexual violence definitions, and the impacts of sexual violence. This workshop also teaches ethical bystander skills and how to deal with a disclosure of sexual violence.

Awareness of sexual violence is important for everyone in society. Sexual violence can impact anyone at any time. Although the prevalence of sexual violence is relatively high, many people have questions about sexual violence and are unsure how it happens and what they can do about it.


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Testimonials for ‘Sexual Violence Awareness’


An extremely well organised, powerful and pragmatic workshop with tangible benefits for both the Office of Film and Literature Classification and its staff.”

– Dr Andrew Jack, Chief Censor: Office of Film and Literature Classification

“Good to know awareness of sexual violence is becoming disseminated. [Facilitators] are very engaging, relaxed and easy to relate to.”