Sexual Abuse Prevention Network says we need to address “lower level” harmful behavior before it becomes extreme “neomasculinism”  

Media release for immediate release    02.02.2015

A ‘neomasculinist’ group is planning worldwide meetups on 6 February, including in Wellington, Auckland and Dunedin.

The group, led by American Daryush Valizadeh “Roosh V,” cites extremist views, advocating for the superiority of straight men and encouraging followers to rape women.

Sexual Abuse Prevention Network General Manager, Fiona McNamara, says “It would be easy to dismiss this group because it is hard to see how anyone can take these ideas seriously, but unfortunately they have managed to build up tens of thousands of online followers.”

“While this group represents a small section of society, these extreme views are built on mainstream culture that supports them. Attitudes and beliefs that seem lower level such as jokes or comments contribute to an environment in which extremist views such as these can exist. We need to make sure we are calling up unacceptable behaviour before it reaches this stage.”

“Groups like this show that a small number of individuals hold disturbing views, but we know that wider society does not. The vast majority of people do not believe in ‘neomasculinism’ but there are less extreme harmful attitudes that are widespread and need to be addressed.  Sexual Abuse Prevention Network has a high demand from our communities for healthy relationship and intervention skills education. We need more conversations in our communities that promote healthy relationships so that there are clear positive alternatives to harmful behaviour.”

This is the first time that in person meet-ups have been arranged, with Valizadeh citing on his website that the group’s views are now known enough that they “do not have to hide behind a computer screen for fear of retaliation.”

The group is also aware of the possibility of counter protests and says that if any “crazy feminists” show up that they should be filmed and the films sent to Roosh V so they can “tear them up”.

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